Overarching Members Title Organization
  Bernie Hawkins Facilitator SHaPE SC
  Larry Martin Chair  SHaPE SC
  Seema Shrivastava-Patel Board Member  SC Board of Health and Environmental Control
  Greg Pearce, Jr. Commission Chair SC Mental Health Commission
  Edward Simmer, MD, MPH, DFAPA Director SC Department of Health and Environmental Control

Subcommittee Chairs

SHaPE SC was comprised of three subcommittees, one focused on each primary role related to health and environmental protection services: (1) Environmental Protection, (2) Public Health, and (3) Behavioral Health. Each subcommittee was requested to consider the integration and interaction of the three primary roles.

The subcommittees chairpersons were responsible for guiding their respective subcommittees through the process, compiling recommendations, and overseeing presentation and reporting efforts. The subcommittee chairs are:

  1. Tommy Lavender, Environmental Protection Subcommittee
  2. Lee Pearson, Public Health Subcommittee
  3. Mark Binkley, Behavioral Health Subcommittee

Environmental Protection Subcommittee

  Members Title Organization
  Jeffery Allen, PhD Executive Director  SC Water Resources Center at Clemson University
  Art Braswell President Braswell Consulting, LLC
  Emily Cedzo Land, Water & Wildlife Senior
Program Director
Coastal Conservation League
Susan Cohen President & CEO SC Restaurant and Lodging Association
John Durst
Former President & CEO SC Restaurant and Lodging Association
  Michael Fields Executive Director SC Convenience & Petroleum Marketers
  Todd Glover Executive Director SC Municipal Association
  Rebecca Haynes Deputy Director Conservation Voters of SC
  Sara Hazzard President & CEO SC Manufacturers Alliance
  Erika Hollis Clean Water Director Upstate Forever
  Tommy Lavender (Chair) Environmental Technical
Committee Chair
SC Chamber of Commerce
  Clint Leach Assistant Commissioner SC Department of Agriculture
  Jill Miller Executive Director SC Rural Water Association
  Harold Mitchell Jr. Executive Director ReGenesis Community Development Corporation
  Mark Nix Executive Director Home Builders Association
  Myra Reece Director of Environmental Affairs SC Department of Health and Environmental Control
  Ken Rentiers Deputy Director for Land, Water
and Conservation
SC Department of Natural Resources
  Gary Spires Government Relations Division
SC Farm Bureau
  Bill Stangler Riverkeeper Congaree Riverkeeper

Public Health Subcommittee

  Members Title Organization
  Graham Adams, PhD Chief Executive Officer SC Office of Rural Health
  Thaddeus Bell, MD Founder & CEO Closing the Gap in Health Care, Inc.
  Eric Bellamy Chief Partner Engagement Officer  Children’s Trust of SC
  Samuel L. Green, Sr. Bishop 7th District AME Church
  Alan Hughes Administrator/ President Abbeville Nursing Home, Inc.
  Thornton Kirby President & CEO SC Hospital Association
  Jeffrey Korte, PhD Professor and Division Director MUSC School of Public Health Sciences
  Lill Mood, RN, MPH Retired Public Health Nurse Appointed by the SC Public Health Association
  Patricia Moore-Pastides, MPH Healthcare Advocate  
  Connie Munn Director SC Department on Aging
  Brenda Murphy, MSN, RN President  SC State Conference NAACP
  Lee Pearson, MS, DrPH (Chair) Associate Dean for Operations
and Accreditation
U of SC Arnold School of Public Health
  Juana Slade, CDM, CCF Chair Alliance for a Healthier SC
  Richele Taylor Chief Executive Officer & Chief Legal Officer SC Medical Association
  Gwen Thompson Healthcare Quality Director SC Department of Health and Environmental Control
  Brannon Traxler, MD, MPH Public Health Director SC Department of Health and Environmental Control
  Kim Wilkerson, RN Director of Clinical and Quality
SC Health Care Association
  Lathran Woodard Chief Executive Officer SC Primary Health Care Association

Behavioral Health Subcommittee

  Members Title Organization
  Laura Aldinger Executive Director Behavioral Health Services Association of SC
  Gayle Aycock President & CEO LRADAC
  Mark Binkley (Chair) Senior Executive Assistant to the
State Director
SC Department of Mental Health
  Jarrod M. Bruder Executive Director South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association
  Anna Maria Conner Attorney / Team Leader Disability Rights South Carolina
  Lee Dutton Chief of Staff SC Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services
  Beth Franco Executive Director Disability Rights South Carolina
  Major General William Grimsley Secretary SC Department of Veterans' Affairs
  Sara Goldsby Director SC Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services
  Elizabeth Harmon Executive Director SC Behavioral Health Coalition 
  Bill Lindsey Executive Director National Alliance for Mental Illness (SC
  Judge Amy McCulloch Probate Judge for
Richland County
Probate Judges Association
  Joseph McLamb Chief of Staff SC Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  Kenneth Rogers, MD State Director SC Department of Mental Health
  Kacey Schmitt, MSW, LISW-CP/S Director of Social Work SC Department of Health and Environmental Control
  Anne Summer Co-Chair, Policy, Legislative & Regulatory Committee SC Behavioral Health Coalition
  Gerald Wilson, MD Chair SC Behavioral Health Coalition